Lori Holden's book coverThis is not an exhaustive directory of adoption resources.  Rather, it is a list of resources personally endorsed by основные формулы Excel Lori or a BestLight client.  We ask your assistance in building this resource page at  Let other adopting families know when you have a fantastic experience with an adoption-related organization — submit your own .

My book: The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole. Your handbook to creating and sustaining healthy, child-centered open adoption relationships.


  • Open Adoption & Family Services (nationwide, with offices in WA and OR)
  • Adoption Connection (San Francisco)
  • Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains (multiple locations)
  • Lutheran Social Services of IL
  • Abrazo Adoption Associates of San Antonio, TX
  • Friends in Adoption (nationwide, with offices in VT and NY)
  • AdoptionSTAR, authorized in NY, licensed in OH and FL, approved in CT


  • Adoptive Families
  • Adoption Today
  • The Adoption Guide
  • Openness in Adoption Study (March, 2012)


  • ALI Blogroll (Adoption/neo-natal Loss/Infertility)
  • Creating a Family

Adoption Blogs and Sites:

  • Open Adoption Bloggers (archives)
  • Today’s the Day (adult adoptee from closed era, as well as adoptive mom)
  • Amstel Life (first mother)
  • Musings of the Lame (first mother)
  • Susie Book (first mother)
  • The Donaldson Adoption Institute
  • America Adopts!
  • Canada Adopts!

More help with profiles:

  • Pitter Patter Profiles
  • Gourmet Book Design by Adam Rubenstein, a birth father
  • Little Blessings Adoption


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