Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an adoption profile?

The adoption profile is a “resumé” of an adopting couple, usually 4-12 pages. It greets expectant parents who are considering adoption, gives some facts about yourselves, and shows in words and photos who you are. It is usually placed in an agency’s “Book” along with profiles from other waiting couples, or strategically placed by a waiting couple or an attorney/facilitator. The profile can contain letters from each hopeful parent, answers to questions posed by the agency/facilitator on the expectant parents’ behalf, and photos detailing your lives.

We submitted our profile quite a while ago, and we thought it was pretty good. Why haven’t we been called?

In adoption, most variables are out of our control. One factor that is within our control is the profile. If your profile isn’t getting the results you desire, take a fresh look at it and brainstorm ways to make it even more appealing.

What are some ways to increase the likelihood of getting picked?

Please see 8  Tips to Reduce Your Wait for a do-it-yourself profile makeover. Or, get a review and recommendations from an adoption profile expert. Click here for more information.

What if I want help?

BestLight Adoption Profiles assists you by looking at your profile with a fresh eye and providing recommendations. Email with questions or to get started.

Lori is also available to lead Do-It-Yourself Profile Makeover Workshops for groups — please .

Who is BestLight?

I am Lori Holden, author of The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption and founder of BestLight Adoption Profile Review. I have been through the adoption process twice and live with my husband and two children in Denver, CO. Previously, I worked in the field of Adult Continuing Education, designing courses and attracting students to them.

What qualifies you to do these reviews?

Two things. First, I’ve been there, and second, I’ve researched what attracts and what repels for expectant parents as they select among several profiles.

In the spring of 2001, my husband and I submitted our profile to Lutheran Family Services of Colorado. Exactly one week later, we got the call that eventually brought our beautiful daughter to our lives. We submitted our second profile in the fall of 2002, and by winter, our very handsome son joined our family. We enjoy close relationships with both of all of our children’s first parents.

Through much networking, I have talked with many first parents and adoptive couples to find commonalities in successful profiles. I can review your profile with these themes in mind and help you resolve issues that are preventing your profile from rising to the top of the pile.

So do you just spiff up our profile like a slick ad campaign?

No. First parents are repelled by “slick.” Nor is a profile review an attempt to change who you are and portray you as someone you’re not.

All I do is help you show yourselves in your best light. Sometimes it takes an outsider to help you do this.

What can I expect when I decide to have a review?

You send BestLight, either by email or by snail mail:

  • Your profile
  • A completed brief form about your profile’s history and your agency

Within seven business days after I receive your profile, we’ll schedule a 1 hour phone consultation in which we’ll discuss recommendations and alerts based on your profile’s visual appeal, distinctiveness, tone, and any red flags. A follow up email will detail specific verbiage to help you clearly present yourselves.

I am available to talk with you as you incorporate recommendations into your revised profile. And I love it when clients notify me when you get The Call — I enjoy happy stories!

How much do a review and recommendations cost?

The fee is $399, which may be applied toward the IRS’s Adoption Tax Credit. Please confirm with your CPA or tax preparer.

Payment by PayPal or check is requested at the time you submit your profile.

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