Thinking about open adoption?

Just adopt,  you’ve heard, as if it’s no big deal.

But it is. It’s common for couples looking into domestic infant adoption to feel daunted by the options and the mazes sprawled before them. Once you get some clarity at, the path to parenthood becomes much more doable. Through a telephone or Skype consultation, find out more about open adoption, where we’ll look at:

  • 20 questions to ask when selecting an agency
  • the steps you must take to ensure an ethical adoption (and why this is your concern)
  • what exactly IS open adoption
  • secrets of a successful open adoption
  • how to minimize the pitfalls that can come up in the adoption process

This customized one-hour consulting session is taught by two mothers in one open adoption:

Lori is an adoptive mom of two who blogs at, was named как создать json файл python a Top Ten Must-Read Mom by Parenting magazine, and has written several articles  for Adoptive Families magazine. Crystal is the first mom of Lori’s daughter, mother to a son, and a student of Love & Logic.

Over the last several years, Lori and Crystal have forged an unlikely friendship and have shared with people considering open adoption their dual perspectives about how to have one.

A consultation is convenient — we’ll work with your schedule and you don’t even need to leave your home. It’s affordable — please about our rates. And it’s customized. We’ll answer the questions you have about how to create and build a child-centered open adoption

Please to with any questions or to schedule your open adoption consultation.

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