Hi. I’m Lori, the founder of BestLight Adoption Profile Review. I’m pleased that you are visiting this site, and I hope to “midwife” your adoption process as you grow your family.

In 2001, my husband and I began building our family through domestic open adoption and книги по Python . Our daughter is now 10 and our son is 8. Once we turned in our profiles to our agency, we had short waits: one week for our daughter and six months for our son (during a post – 9/11 period of agency inactivity).

Often I would hear of a couple who waited endlessly to “get picked.” I secretly wished I could peek at their profile and lend my suggestions.

I love happy endings, and I want everyone to have one. I began talking with our children’s first mothers and others to find out what attracts and what doesn’t in a profile.

I know how it feels to be where you are. To pursue adoption, especially for people who have achieved success in other areas of their lives, is to give up control and live at the mercy of fate. I like the idea that the profile makes a difference, because the profile is something you CAN control. While you may have little influence on the activity level of the agency, you can make sure that expectant parents who DO view your profile see you in your best light.

Since 2005 I have reviewed dozens of profiles and made hundreds of recommendations that have helped my clients become parents. In addition, I have helped these would-be parents understand the perspectives of the others in their adoption triad — the birth parents of their future child, as well as the child him/herself. For years I have been immersed in the mosaic that is adoption — talking with birth parents, adoptive parents and adult adoptees who represent a wide spectrum of experiences — in an effort to find the best-practices of creating a child-centered adoption.

My husband and I are raising our two children in Denver, Colorado. I’m a work-at-home mom who has programmed and marketed adult education courses for a prestigious university in my state.

I would be honored to be part of your happy adoption story. Just click to get started on your profile review. This is what you can expect when you do.

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