The good news about open adoption: becoming a parent isn’t just about your number in line. It’s about who you are and how accurately and well you present yourself.

If you are seeking to become a parent through adoption, it’s likely that your agency or adoption professional will ask you to submit a profile that describes who you are. Your profile, along with profiles of other waiting people, will be made available to expectant parents who are considering adoption.

Unlike in the “old days” where the agency put you at the bottom of a list and you waited until you rose to the top of it, nowadays the expectant parents who are looking at adoption as an option for their unborn child will evaluate you based on how you come across in your profile.

This is great sky.pro news, for in an out-of-control process, your profile is something you CAN control.

Preparing an attractive, effective profile need not be difficult or daunting, if you know a few secrets.

Are you:

  • wondering why your adoption profile hasn’t attracted attention yet?
  • currently compiling your adoption profile?
  • considering adoption as a way of building your family, but worried that the wait will be too long?

I can help. With a few simple tips, you can raise your profile to the top of the stack. Click here for do-it-yourself tips. Or for professional help, click .